Reinvent Your 3D Workflow

GraphN is a free workflow assistant software like you've never seen before.
This 38 seconds clip is everything you need to revolutionize your workflow👇

World Building Simplified

GraphN is a new workflow automation software that helps you get things done.
This 60 seconds tutorial is everything you need to get started

You can leverage the powerful tools that ship with GraphN to create stunning art within seconds, or use its powerful node based interface to create, share and sell your own tools.

Create Art Like Never Before

GraphN is a companion software that works closely with Unreal Engine and Autodesk Maya, giving you all the latest groundbreaking tools straight within the software you're comfortable with.

The software features a library of tools that sits right into your 3D software, giving your workflow a major upgrade within seconds.

environment background 2

Intuitive Tools

Every tool in GraphN's Library was built to give you results in seconds, and you can further customize the tools.

Blazing Fast

Tasks such as scattering, editing normals or vertices are 20 to 500 times faster than their counterparts in Maya and Unreal Engine.

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Anytime you move a slider or add tweak a mesh in your scene, the tools in GraphN's Library instantly reflect those changes.

Node Editing Simplified

GraphN comes with a world-class node editor that helps you translate your workflow ideas into fully-fledged tools that can be shared between Unreal Engine and Maya users.
Creating node graphs is a code-free experience that's built with artists in mind, and we're always open to helping you share & sell your tools!

Create, Share, Sell Your Own Tools

Every node graph you make in GraphN can be exported to the GraphN Library, making it accessible for Maya and Unreal Engine users with ease.

Tools creation is a central part of GraphN's identity, as we really believe the industry needs to have a common repository of tools that artists should be the standard.

All the Nodes

With hundreds of nodes under its belt, GraphN has every node you need to start automating your pipeline.

Unreal & Maya

We've built deep integrations into Unreal Engine and Autodesk Maya, giving you the best realtime and offline tools.

Python API

Can't find a node? Writing one is as simple as writing a Python function, and the fast library will help you get amazing performance!

Affordable for Everyone

You can use GraphN completely for free for any non-commercial project. Whether you want to improve your workflow or start selling tools, this ensures that you can do either of those at your own pace with thousands of enthusiastic users.

Download GraphN


❌ Commercial Projects
✅ Per seat
✅ Rev/Funding < $150K
❌ Priority Support
❌ Priority Requests
❌ Integrations Support
❌ Training Sessions



✅ Commercial Projects
✅ Per seat
✅ Rev/Funding < $500K
✅ Priority Support
✅ Priority Requests
❌ Integrations Support
❌ Training Sessions


✅ Commercial Projects
✅ Per seat
✅ Rev/Funding > $500K
✅ Priority Support
✅ Priority Requests
✅ Integrations Support
✅ Training Sessions

The Free version is essentially an unlimited Trial. If it expires, simply open the Polygonflow License Server in the Windows notifications tray, then go to the File menu, then click Activate Trial.


We've tried to compile the most common questions you may have, but please feel free to reach out to and ask us about anything: licensing, bugs, ideas, learning, complaints, you name it! :)


GraphN is a visual coding software that helps artists and programmers create, share and sell tools with ease.

GraphN Library

GraphN Library is a library of tools that sit right inside your 3D software, giving your workflow an immediate boost with zero learning curve.

Free Forever?

Short answer would be yes, long answer would be hopefully yes.
It's too soon to really tell how things will evolve, but we're going to do our best to keep it free for as long as possible.


GraphN features some of the fastest 3D APIs out there, which makes it ideal not just for artists but also Python programmers, as you're not likely to encounter anything of this speed in Python.

What's The Roadmap

We want to make environments and asset creation easier for everyone. We've started this mission with environment building, and will gradually move to asset creation in the second half of 2022.

Supported Software

GraphN currently runs on:
Unreal Engine 4.27 and 5.0
Autodesk Maya 2018-2022
We'll have more info on Blender, 3DS Max and other 3D softwares later this year.

Perpetual License

Are we going to provide this license at some point? Dunno.
We've estimated that a free non-commercial version + a fairly cheap monthly plan was the best compromise for you and us.


You own every graph you make, and can share, sell or do whatever you want with it, no strings attached.
Heck, if you make some nice tools, let us know and we'll promote them for you! :)

Can I Run it

GraphN currently works on Windows 10-11 only
You'll need a medium 2017+ computer specs to make it work, but the trial is free, so just give it a go :)