Fast & Easy 3D World Building in Unreal Engine 5

Dash is a World Building Tool for UE5. From Scattering Tools to Physics Painting, Content Browsing with AI Tagging, Procedural Mesh Creation like Vines and Roads, Blend Material and Easy Camera setup, Dash takes your environment creation process, and makes it effortless.

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Content Library

You get easy access to your Megascans assets, the full Poly Haven library, and your own custom assets become searchable through our AI tagging system. This means you never have to add assets manually to your new UE projects again, once the assets is tagged by Dash, they are easy accessible in all your UE projects.

Tools Library

Dash features an ever-growing library of tools, all designed to improve your workflows. This includes scattering, physics, vines, cables, color grading, atmospheric effects, post-processing, and everything else you need to create stunning worlds.

Workflow Actions

Dash also includes many Actions that give you access to advanced UE features more easily. Such as converters (Procedural to Static etc) or shortcuts to settings (Enable Nanite or Enable Displacement etc).

Exploring Dash

Discover How Dash Can Elevate Your Workflow

AI Tagging your UE5 Assets

You can Browse and Search for all your UE5 assets easier than ever before!

Surface Scatter

It lets you easily scatter any meshes on any surface, with full masking control.

Archviz Environment Tutorial

Learn how to leverage Dash to create an outdoor archviz environment.

Helldivers 2 Environment Tutorial

With the Procedural Tools and Content Library in Dash this recreation is super easy.

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Subscription & Perpetual Plans

Dash caters to all artists, from students and hobbyists to professional studios. Choose from our free trial, flexible subscription plans, or a perpetual license.



$20 /mo after 3 months

For all hobbyists and freelance artists out there! 
Revenue/funding below $250K.

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$20 /mo after 3 months

For all students and teachers out there!

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$20 /mo after 3 months

For all companies with revenue/funding over $250K.

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