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We prefer to get questions in our Discord but you can of course also reach us by email, . Before sending us a message, please check the FAQ below, your question might exist there!

For all questions concerning an error/crash, please include the UE output log or crash log and a video or picture showing showing the problem in detail. It makes it a lot easier for us to give you accurate and quick help!

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Manage Your license

If you want to adjust the number of seats, adjust payment method, or cancel your license you can do that from here:

What type of projects can Dash be used for?

Dash can be used for game development, archviz, environment art, and any other projects you may be doing in Unreal Engine that involve building an environment. Right now it works best for sections of a larger environment or smaller environments in general, the detailing capabilities, ease of use and control you get with Dash is unlike anything else out there. And we are of course improving it continuously to make sure it works equally well for larger environments.

How to get started?

1. Download Dash with the Download button.

2. Install it and choose your UE versions.

3. Start UE and click the Dash icon located next to the Mode drop dropdown and you will see a popup where you can request a trial or enter your paid license key.

4. If you want to get a paid license after your trial, you need to go to again and purchase a license.

5. After purchase you will see your license key on screen and in an email, just enter that key into the License Manager inside of Dash. It is located inside the Preferences panel in the main Dash menu.

Where to download the latest version?

The latest version of Dash is always available to download from here:

How many Enterprise Seats do I need?

You only need seats for those artists who want access to the tools and the ability to adjust parameters. You do not need licenses for Build Machines since we are not using any custom node/actors.

Are there any volume discounts or site licenses available?

Yes, there are! Just send an email to and we can discuss the different options.

Can I use my license on 2 computers?

Our freelance and student licenses come with the ability to be activated on 2 PCs. If you have an enterprise license and want to switch PC or need to switch to a third computer, you need to open the License Manager and deactivate your license first. It is located inside the Preferences panel in the main Dash menu. Then you are able to activate it on the other computer.

Can I pay with Alipay and Apple Pay?

Yes, and in order to do that you need to purchase a Dash license through this website: and when doing this you also need to make sure the automated subscription renewal is unchecked.

How to set up and install Dash in a studio environment

If you want to install a trial or a paid license of Dash into a studio environment or a custom version of Unreal Engine, that is of course possible. Just send an email over to and we will give you instructions and the relevant files to achieve this.

Transferring a UE scene with Dash to another Computer

If you are gonna transfer your UE scene to another PC and want to be able to continue adjusting the Dash tools, you need to make sure to also move the associated JSON file that we create when you are using Dash.

This JSON file is named after your level name and is located next to your level. If you are using P4, Perforce, or a similar solution, make sure that this file is moved alongside the rest of the files. This could for example be done with perforce triggers to unlock/lock the JSON data Note: If you are using Dash 1.7 or later, this will not be needed as we have improved the saving mechanism. You now don't have to worry about it at all, the data is included in the level itself.

Is Dash only available on Windows?

Yes. We're investigating Linux and MAC support, though it's hard to give any release estimates at this stage, since Unreal Engine also doesn't have great Linux/MAC support either, making it harder to port Dash there.

What are the system requirements?

The requirements for Dash are the same as Unreal Engine 5 but you also must have internet access and Windows 10 or 11 (no insider preview versions).

Sharing the level with someone without Dash?

The level will work just fine and can be continued to be worked on, only those that want to adjust parameters in Dash or use other Dash tools need to have a Dash. Note, if the user of Dash has created geometry such as cables, terrains etc, that user needs to convert the meshes to static meshes before sharing the level as we are using a custom mesh data structure for our geometry generation.

What 3D software does Dash work with?

Right now we are focusing on Unreal Engine and currently support 5.0 to 5.3. Older Unreal Engine version can be made available for enterprise users on demand.

Will the tools affect performance?

In the backend, we are using HISM, the same as PCG and UE foliage painter so there should not be any performance differences compared to those tools. To make sure you get the best performance possible, we have several converters in Dash, for example, a Procedural Mesh to Static Mesh converter.

What assets libraries are supported?

In the Dash Content Library, you will see all Poly Haven assets, all Megascans assets downloaded from UE-Bridge, and your downloaded Atlases from Standalone-Bridge, and also be able to tag all your project assets to make them searchable and browsable. Once you have tagged your custom assets, they are browsable and usable in all your other UE projects.

There are no Megascans assets visible

If the Megascans view in the Content Library is empty for you even though you have assets downloaded from UE-Bridge, the most probable reason for this is that the Content Library couldn't locate where you downloaded your Bridge assets. To solve this you need to find the UAsset folder, you can do this by going to Bridge, right-clicking on one downloaded asset, and choosing “Go to files”, there you can copy the path to the UAsset folder. Then you need to open the Dash Preferences through the main Dash menu and go to the path section and click the paper clip icon and then paste in the path you copied from Bridge. If you have the same problem with Atlases from the standalone bridge you can follow the same procedure but copy the path from the standalone Bridge.

Clicking the Dash icon does not work

There could be many reasons but one thing you could try is to add Unreal Engine and Dash as allowed apps in the Windows Defender, Controlled Folder Access. Another idea you could try is uninstalling Dash and installing it with Admin Rights. And a third idea is closing all instances of Unreal (through task manager) and then going to: c:\Users\[USERNAME]\Polygonflow\Dash\Plugins\UnrealEngineContext\resources\plugin\ and opening your UE folder and copy this folder “GraphNUnrealPlugin”. Then you need to find your UE installation folder and go into this path: [UNREAL_ENGINE_INSTALLATION_FOLDER]/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace and paste the copied folder into the Marketplace folder, overwriting the existing one if one already exists.

If none of these ideas work, please copy any message in the UE output log and send it to us and we will help you out. Contact us

There is no Dash icon in Unreal Engine or the installer got stuck on Installing…

  1. Continue and finish the installation by clicking Next
  2. Go to the Dash installation folder default is c:\Users\USER\Polygonflow\Dash\Inside of that continue to Plugins\UnrealEngineContext\resources\plugin
  3. Inside here you should see a folder corresponding to your Unreal Engine version, e.g. UE_5.3
  4. Copy the GraphNUnrealPlugin folder from inside the version you want Dash installed into. Paste this folder into your engine plugins folder. e.g. C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.2\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace
  5. The resulting path to GraphNUnrealPlugin folder should be  C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.2\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace\GraphNUnrealPlugin\GraphNUnrealPlugin
  6. Restart your UE and you should then be able to find the Dash icon as expected.

There were no UE versions found during my installation

If this happens you need to check the checkbox for your UE version and then click the browse button and then navigate to where you have UE installed, i.e. a folder called UE_5.1 or UE_5.3, etc. Then just select the folder and continue the installation. Hopefully you will then see a success message for the UE version you choose to install Dash in.

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