World Building: Powerful Use Cases for Dash in Unreal Engine 5

When to use Dash?

Game Dev

As all games need lots of environments, Dash can easily become your best friend. Creating procedural environments does not have to be hard, in Dash you will find tools for most of the problems you can think of, do you need to easily scatter trees or grass with detailed control, or do you need to create cables between your buildings, or do you need a simple procedural terrain, Dash got you covered.

But most importantly with Dash Content Library, all your assets become searchable and useable in all your Unreal Engine projects, you no longer need to manually transfer assets between UE5 projects.


Dash can be super useful for both indoor and outdoor archviz projects. You get real-time modification ability for all our scattering tools and procedural tools, making sure you can quickly create and adjust forests or detailed gardens, to get the perfect look you are going for. If you are a fan of Megascans or Poly Haven assets and materials, you also get the ability to make easy material adjustments, so that you can get the building materials and fabrics just right.

Our Content Library with AI tagging also makes sure you get easy access to all your assets, saving you a ton of time managing your assets and materials for all your different projects. Just type “chair“ and you get instant access to all chairs you have used in your other UE projects.

Environment Art

As Environment Art usually focuses on smaller environments with lots of detail, Dash is the perfect plugin for all UE5 Environment Art projects. All our tools are super easy to use, no need to use nodes or complicated graphs and it gives the user detailed control of the results. For example, our scattering tools come with several masking options, to make sure you only scatter on the exact right object/surface.

To make sure your environments look as good as they can, we have several post-processing tools, including a Volumetric Fog Tool that gives you stunning god-rays and a camera tool with built-in grading presets and all the camera settings you can think of, all super easy to use of course.

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